Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center


Synberc brings together unmatched talent, multidisciplinary collaboration, and a commitment to constant innovation. The first federally funded center for synthetic biology, our research has catalyzed the field and enabled significant technology transfer to industry. In addition, our education programs have helped to establish a highly-trained workforce, equipping synthetic biology’s next generation of scientists and engineers with the skills necessary to realize the potential of the field.

Since the beginning, our industry partners have been integral to our success. As an important part of the Synberc community, they review projects, bring in real-world problems, and mentor our students and post docs. We know the pressures biotech companies face in the current outcomes-driven ecosystem. We understand that they need proof of concept to help demonstrate to funders the potential value of their products, and raise the level of certainty and predictability during development. We also know that in this tough economy it’s difficult for companies to fund basic science research.

As a valued Synberc partner, you have access to pre-competitive research that could help de-risk your company’s investment in product development, and help you sustain levels of innovation that keep you competitive. We welcome you to join our network of the most forward-thinking biotech companies. See the list of services we provide to industry partners to get a sense of Synberc's value-add to your company.

Summary of Synberc's industry program (.pdf)
Synberc brochure (.pdf)

For more information, contact: 
Peter Ackermann, Industry Liaison Officer: +1 (650) 701-7025